Monday, August 08, 2005

write on me, papi

angelina jolie has a tattoo that says "that which nourishes me also destroys me"

is she warning us that....
deserts can kill?

nah, this inky message is all about......



who will spend their lives on the academic study of why is ok to kill you if you cheat on them.

who will, perhaps, give you barbituate enemas and make you look like a suicide if they fear you are out of their control.

who will act like total deluded retards just for a small shot at boning anyone who is not their wife.

who will pimp out their adult daughters so they do not have to work like the rest of the world!

ok, yeah, they also invent stuff, fix cars, and play wicked music.

but "that which nourishes me also fixes my car" makes a shitty tattoo.


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Blogger .Laura. said...

"What nourishes also destroys me"

12:13 AM  

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